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Effects of Massage Therapy

Supports; dialates blood vessels, improves circulation, increases oxygen levels, improves nutrient delivery, improves lymphatic drainage, reduces edima, reduces stress, anxiety, pain, depression, increases flexibility, muscle contraction, memory and nervous conditions, conective tissue, digestive system, respiratory system, urinary track, improves self esteem and the list goes on.  Don't wait. Enter the form on the right.

MyoFascial Release  (MFR)

Looking for foundational structural inconsistancy ie: the bony structure of the body.  Often times we find that our pelvic region is out of balance.  When we work with you we start with strengthening the foundation of structure and build on a solid foundation for health and remedy.  MFR is gentle, non intrusive, non painful, extremely relaxing and most of all it is through and through the body and the results are nothing short of amazing.  Contact us to discuss your remedy today !!!

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Professional Guidance                            Remote Coaching

Establish Balance                                    Continued support

Take Control of Your life                         Network with Like Minded

Psychological Enrichment                      Overcome Habits

Nutrition Education                                  Reach Higher Mental State

Understanding Supplementation            Positive Changes for those

Bring the Best out of Everyone.              family members or friends

                                                  Understanding Change is Welcome

In today's society of fast paced on the go life style, we often find it difficult to manage our time as it applies to a holistic view of our health.  As a result we sometimes get out of balance.  At Country Massage Clinic, we recognize that balance in life is critical to our overall health.  We are here to assist and encourage clients to take control of their lives one step at a time.  We believe that Bio-Individuality is one size does not fit all.  WE are all unique and require specific individual respect and treatment.  While we emphasize nutrition and food, we encourage and develop systems for each individual pertaining to their areas of interest and strengths  There is no such thing as perfection and we work with the client one on one to bring back balance in all areas of our lives.  The pic on the left is a simple example of some of the areas that we may work on.  You may have some other areas of interest or concern that you wish to address when you come in.  These are some of the areas we will work with you to develop meaningful changes.  Question:  If you keep doing the same thing you are doing, will you get a different result .........?  You know it is time to change,  you know you are ready to make a difference in your life and those around you.

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