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Posted on 26 October, 2014 at 21:35 Comments comments (1)

Health tip:

You have heard it said, drink more water ....right...........ya ....right

Well, it is true, we need to drink water to flush the toxins out of our bodies, it is not hard, 

I know you want to feel better, so here is how you can figure out how much water you need each day:

Body weight......200lbs  ....divided by 2 = ? oz........  divide by 8oz = # of 8oz glasses per day.

Remember....gulping a glass of water is not going to do a lot of good.  We need to sip thruoghout the day to nourish our bodies correctly.

Take action and commit to this one simple consept and you will find that your body responds very happily.

all the best


Health Coach


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