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Myo-Fascial connective tissue.

This picture gives you a visual idea of the connective tissue in the body and just how big a deal it is.

The connective tissue surrounds every muscle, organ, blood vessel, in fact fascia is found literally in every CELL of the human body !!!

Follow this link to learn more about Myo-Fascial Release by the Master himself John F. Barnes, P.T.

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Fascia - the connective tissue of the body.

What you are looking at here is an example of just how thick the connective tissue is in the body.

What they have done is simply pulled a muscle appart and took a picture of the fascia (connective tissue) to demonstrate the inter connectivity of this webbing that litteraly holds our bodies together.  

In additon fascia holds memory, carries emotion and can put up to 2000lbs on a nerve.  That is not a typo, 2k lbs, that is like sitting under th front end of a small car.  No wonder your back hurts or your pelvis is out of alignment.  We can help.

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